Fred van der Heide

Lead Software Engineer



Passionate multi-framework, multi-language, cross-platform software architect and engineer with a drive for creative and innovative software architecture and development. Experienced in designing and developing anything from mobile apps to websites to web services to enterprise-level complex distributed environments.

I have been working in the IT-industry for more than 20 years, primarily focusing on application and software design & development. Other areas of expertise include solution design for enterprise IT solutions as well as in-depth technological skills on a broad level of subjects. Combined with the ability to focus on the full picture this has made me a valuable resource for a variety of projects and customers.


Born in 1969, Leeuwarden. Married. One son. Living in Lelystad.


A categorized list of skills. Including, but not limited to;


BlueDev - Owner / Software Architect

July 2011 - Present

IBM, Amsterdam - Software Architect

March 2013 - Present

IBM, Amsterdam - Software Engineer

January 1999 - Present

TAS Expert 400, Baarn - IT-Specialist / Software developer

April 1995 - December 1998

Lumiance BV, Haarlem - Programmer Analyst

October 1992 - March 1995


IBM Outstanding Technical Achievement Award (OTAA), 2016

IBM Outstanding Technical Achievement Award (OTAA), 2004


BlueDev - Owner / Software Architect / Software Engineer

Team management solution

January 2015 - Present

Design and development of a solution for team & resource management. Consisting of a combination of mobile app(s), website and backend services.

[Java EE, REST, Vaadin, Node.js, AngularJS]

Online receipts management application

July 2012 - March 2015

Design and development of a solution for managing receipts. Consisting of a combination of mobile app(s), website and backend services.

[Java EE, REST, Android, C, OCR]

IBM, Amsterdam - Software Architect / Software Engineer

A long career within IBM has led to a great deal of assignments and projects. Overall a diverse set of activities, too many to mention here. Included below is a selection of assignments I have enjoyed most working on and that show the growth I have made so far.

Application Integration Infrastructure

March 2020 - Present

Design and development of a global high-volume, secure databus for integrating applications.

[Kafka, HashiCorp Vault, OCP, Kubernetes, Docker, Golang]

Automated Event Remediation

August 2019 - Present

Design and deployment of solution for automated event remediation

[Ansible, Ansible Tower, OpenShift, Docker, Elastic Stack, Kibana, Golang, React]


Databus framework

August 2017 - Present

Design and development of a high-volume, secure databus for distributed environments.

[Kafka, MirrorMaker, uReplicator, ICP, Kubernetes, Docker, Elastic Stack, Kibana, Grafana, Golang]

Weather Station data hub

March 2016 - Present

Design and development of a backend solution for collecting and supplying measurements from a large number of weather stations (>20K) in Africa. In cooperation with TU-Delft.

[Java EE, Node-JS, IoT, AMQP, MQTT, REST, BlueMix]

Monitoring and Event Management as a Service

February 2016 - Present

Design and development of a microservices based Global solution for monitoring and event management orchestration. Targeting a range of available APM solutions.

[Microservices, Java EE, Vaadin, AMQP, REST, BlueMix, ICP, Kubernetes, Docker]

Cloud Provisioning Portal

October 2015 - December 2015

Design and development of a web application for providing wizard-based intake procedures to control provisioning of resources in e.g. SoftLayer cloud.

[Java EE, Vaadin, REST, BlueMix]

DevOps setup

March 2015 - Present

Set up an e2e Devops process for deploying the Monitoring and Event Management orchestration solution ,mentioned below. Including automated build and testing as well as deployment to both test and production environments.

[RTC, Jenkins, Static code analysis tools, UrbanCode Deploy]

Data Warehouse and Analytics solution

June 2012 - Dec 2019

Design and development of a solution for gathering free-format data and providing analytics on that data to users and applications.

In addition a suite of applications that provide specific systems management goals using the analytics engine, like e.g. auditing, product currency management and health checks.

[Java EE]

Monitoring and Event Management orchestration

April 2009 - Present

Contributed in developing and maintaining a solution for Monitoring and Event Management orchestration. Member of an international scrum team of developers and testers.

An OTAA (Outstanding Technical Achievement Award) was granted for this project.

[Java EE]

Solution Design Application

January 2007 - May 2011

Design and development of an application for building complex IT-solutions from wizard driven input using parameterized building blocks. These building blocks represent the components used within the IT-environment like e.g. middleware, networking and storage. The output of the application was an architectural design document.

[Java EE, Java, Eclipse plugin, Eclipse RCP]

Centralized car dealer solution

April 2002 - October 2002

Development of the central dial-in software and infrastructure for an international automobile manufacturer. The solution was used by car dealers for information exchange like car-ordering etc. The AS/400 solution was based on the old Stratus software.

[AS/400, OS/400, C]

Global iSeries Management Solution

January 1996 - January 2005

Starting off as a contractor, moving to IBM in 1999. The solution was initially created in the Netherlands as an individual project for managing iSeries servers in the local IBM systems management area. Soon expanding to a European scope and eventually growing to become the standard solution for managing iSeries servers and customers for IBM Global Services as it is still used to this day. Currently the solution is maintained by a global team of approximately 10 architects, developers and IT-specialists.

An OTAA (Outstanding Technical Achievement Award) was granted for this project.

[AS/400. iSeries, OS/400. I5/OS, RPG, C, C++, Java, WebSphere, SOAP]

TAS Expert 400, Baarn - IT-Specialist / Software developer

April 1995 - December 1998

Provider of IT Services and development for AS/400 customers.

Worked for a large variety of AS/400 customers in the banking and IT industry on both technical solutions and development projects.

Last assignment was at IBM starting January 1996.

[AS/400, OS/400, RPG, C, Lotus Notes]

Lumiance BV, Haarlem - Application developer

October 1992 - March 1995

Lighting Industry

Part of the local EDS department that consisted of three persons in total.

Responsible for software design, development and maintenance for the companies warehousing and financial applications.



IBM Architectural Thinking 


IBM Component Modeling


IBM Operational Modeling


HTS-Informatica, Groningen

1988 - 1990